Personal Data Policy website is only a presentation site for the services delivered by Questia.

By accessing & using the Website, your personal data will not be stored or used in any way. Personal data are information about a person that can help in identifying that person, directly or indirectly.

In case you are interested in our products, services, job offers or you will choose to contact us for any other inquiry related to, or not depending on Questia services, by sending an email to, you will provide us your email address, name and surname. All these data are considered personal data.

All these data will be used by Questia exclusively for replying to your message(s) / inquiry(ies), related or not to our services.

We will keep your data for the duration of the communication related to our services / other inquiries from you, and until this communication leads to either signing a contract with the company you represent, or you decide you will not use our services, or you received all the information you wanted.

In case you agree, Questia will send you personalized offers depending on the specific activities of the company you represent, and at all times you will be able to ask that we remove your contact information from the lists we use for these offers.

For the personal data you provide Questia, in communicating with us, you have the following rights that may apply depending on the situation: (i) The right to be informed and (ii) The right to access, that is the right to get a confirmation from the data operator, confirmation that personal data is being processed, access to the respective data and information on the processing, (iii) The right to ask for corrections of the inaccurate personal data or add to incomplete personal data, (iv) The right to ask the operator to delete personal data related to you, in certain circumstances, (v) the right to refuse your data processing and (vi) the right to complain to the Data Protection Authority (ANSDCP). You also have the right to data portability, that is to receive the data in a structured format, that can be automatically read, including the possibility that your data are transferred to another operator.

The data will be used exclusively by the Questia employees and partners authorized by us to send offers or answer various inquiries you may have.

For any other information regarding your personal data, please contact us at