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Real time surveys. Fast, detailed results. For anyone. At anytime. And anywhere.

Your Benefits

Real time research

Real time research

Success is rooted in the ability of clear thinking and acting quickly. Today granularity and speed are of essence. We guarantee sharp results always delivered in time. Real time.

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation

At Questia we are not just looking for answers; we are searching for the correct ones. We constantly innovate and work with cutting-edge techniques to offer you elegant and soundproof solutions.

Burden-free expenses

Burden-free expenses

The right price for the right work. That’s it. In 2017, market research shouldn’t be super expensive. Questia offers the best insights while making sure you remain in your comfort zone.

Our Products

Online Surveys

Online surveys

The use of online methods for market research has lately skyrocketed. Ever-increasing technological advances allow us to design, conduct surveys and analyze data for literally a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken in the past.

Due to our Agile Market Research approach, we can guarantee a burden-free cost scheme tailored to your needs. We have designed a process that results in rapid deployment and also a streamlined analysis that gives you real-time access to your results.

We can design a wide variety of online surveys, including but not limited to:

Monthly surveys

Run-of-the-mill, complex questionnaires for extensive information and in-depth insights

Short surveys

Study a particular situation on a weekly basis, constantly taking the pulse and identifying trends

On the spot surveys

Snap surveys, instantly measuring the impact of events, right after (and even while) they unfold

Real time tracker surveys

Ongoing, recurring studies on a particular subject with automatically generated results charts

Insights Community

This is a special place where you get to talk directly to the consumers and exchange ideas continuously.

Test concepts, explore consumers lifestyles, identify emerging trends, like in a regular market research study, only faster and better. And with more people, allowing for a granular view, over a much longer period of time. So – actually – get meaningful feedback in a more engaging way.

  • Daily discussions with a carefully selected group of people
  • In-depth analysis & constant monitoring of consumers’ ever changing opinions
Forecasting Community

Forecasting Community

The ultimate Business Intelligence tool. Trial version

The edge you need when taking crucial decisions. We base this new, trial product on a cutting-edge research that investigates the best strategies for generating accurate subjective probability estimates for events over a wide array of topics.

  • Predictions on the outcome of current events (there is a x% chance that Y event is going to happen)
  • More than surveys: use the wisdom of the crowds that perform much better than the media savvy pundits
  • Complex algorithms to analyze, aggregate and synthesize public opinion in one relevant percentage

Classic Surveys

Yes. We do provide offline services as well - as we have been doing for the past 10 years. And we’re very good at it.

We know that for some organizations, the decision to shift from the classical approach is a difficult one to make. Some target populations may not be receptive to online surveys, making the transition a difficult decision. So rest assured, we have got you covered:


  • CATI - telephone interviewing
  • TAPI - Tablet-assisted personal interviews


  • IDI – In-depth Interviews
  • FGDs – Focus Group Discussions

OR... whatever else you may need/require

Desk Research

Desk Research

We believe in the power of secondary research. Existing sources of data may bring value-added to the insights we generate, and help us make up the overview of the topic we investigate.
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Any company needs to be connected with its audience, to permanently feel their pulse and to constantly know the choices the consumers make. Agile Market Research is our answer to this new digital environment.

Consumers are ONLINE

Consumers are INFORMED

Consumers are INFLUENTIAL

Why Questia

We are a young and fast growing company, with a digital presence on already three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia).
We believe that the key to success is constant innovation. With our Agile Market Research approach, we are able to take the pulse of our target as events unfold and thus offering you results in real time and for a fraction of the cost of the "traditional" methods.
When you start working with us, you’ll notice something: we do things with enthusiasm. This is our everyday fuel. Enjoying what we do is our way of guaranteeing we never run out of gusto. That is why the insights we provide are as good as it gets.

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